Classic & Custom Japanese Motorcycle Club (CCJMC)

/ CCJMC is for anyone with a passion for classic + custom motorcycles.

For those with a passion for classic and custom motorcycles and machines with a lean to the unusual or individual statement or choice CCJMC has it all. CCJMC was formed in Victoria, 2011 by five guys sharing a common interest ....... you guessed it motorcycles.

Today it is one of the fastest growing clubs with a Western Australian (More info here soon) branch and soon in South Australia. Its currently one of the largest motorcycle clubs in Melbourne / Victoria, the club has more than 1200+ members and is 

We’re passionate about motorcycles. We hold regular monthly organised events and tours for all CCJMC members to meet, ride, exchange notes and to find new places to discover.

/ All makes and models of motorcycles are welcome.

We encourage all of our members to bring out their Classics, Customs, Cafés, Bobbers, Choppers, Brat bikes, Scramblers, Trackers and Vintage Racers of all types. Even the honourable CT Honda (Postie Bike) has a place with CCJMC.

CCJMC also has a strong following of classic adventure bikes such as the KLR Kawasaki, Honda Transalp, and Yamaha X.

If you’re interested in finding out more about CCJMC or how you can become a member CLICK HERE to direct your enquiry.

Download a copy of the CCJMC Club Rules.